For Cedar

by eleanor murray

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released October 22, 2008

Eleanor Murray - guitar, vocals
Pamela Margon - violin
Ben Kamen - bass, guitar, harp, celeste
Austin Cooper - drums

Engineered and produced by Ben Kamen. Mastered by Evan Hashi. Anonymous Monk Records.



all rights reserved


eleanor murray Olympia, Washington

Informed by folk tradition while adhering to no rules, Eleanor Murray’s music exists in a genre all its own. Her latest outing, Bury Me Into the Mtn, is an album that is structurally complicated, while full of warmth and light. Her songs draw as much from Appalachia as they do from jazz, with lyrics that are cryptic while simple and straightforward. The album’s landscape is completely its own. ... more


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Track Name: Today
today, what beauty today found
in gold leaves, in loosening grip
on the reins of the wind, so that
the leaves can fly
i woke in a house of a friend
under blue blanket, with my heart pounding
but the first thing i saw
i saw was light
swirling with tornadoes downtown
i feel for ripe fruit at the market
drag home bags of heavy apples
though they were bruised
it took me three hours to get home
daylight savings lended me the time
Track Name: Julie
Julia, take my guitar
rest your head on his shoulder
don’t be scared to let me go
i’ll learn to love what i can’t have
baby, light my wings with water
you’re more than desire
i only feel what i am now
julie, i can’t find jealousy
think i left it outside
it’s only that i saw that picture
who’d know that i’d feel love
maybe, maybe i might love him
either or i feel love
three babes asleep on the floor
all found their piece of the boards
nothing is mine, nothing’s his
i felt the night find the light
for this
Track Name: Walk Home
black water stretch into black sky
from the bridge it’s a universe
on the edge of infinity
a blue sign reflecting
“the oysters here are prime”
with the arm of a boy and the boardwalk
i couldn’t really complain
the oil on the water
and a wavering jellyfish
looked like the death of a star
the sound of my feet on the pavement
i don’t want to ever get home
but i know once a block away
it’ll seem like i’m so far away
and home never looked so warm
Track Name: Joseph's Song
if you sail away today
i’ll pack my bags in the morning
if you saddle up this way
i’ll leave my town in the morning
if we bus for bumblebees
shine the boots of the geese
we’ll make the jingling sound
that means we got the means to travel on
once we ease on to the road
a goodbye been had, a goodbye been told
we’ll find the free and far
the flying birch knows where we are
no more bus or shine
no more work for dimes
no more feeling blue and there’s no more missing you
what use in having home
when heaven roasts at the reach of tongue
the road provides a change of eyes
let loose in what confines
we’ll ride the trucking earth
instead of standing in the surf
we’ll meet so many living things
instead of dwelling in our dreams
if you go i say i’ll go
and we’ll leave all this in the morning
the flies be picking at my mind
and the mold of the left behind
but now no more we’ll close the door
and look ahead until we’re dead
bye, bye we’re pushing ground
you tangerine, tangible town
Track Name: River
hold my head in your hand
lift my lips onto these
spread my spine and align
so i can reach your eye
you think you gave a kiss
a gift of heat but
look how straight i sit
i see more than i did
i grazed your back with my hand
i called for all
they couldn’t fight for you
bu they’ll heal what hurts
river, wind and curve
current catch what you drop
if it falls into me
i will, i will, i will carry as i cry
Track Name: Electric Sky
oh, electric sky
stain my eye blue every waft i get of you
oh, fallen leaves, you’re far from dead
ring my ears familiar as a mother’s breath
untie my mind, unravel a few secrets of this life
oh, sun i know you so well
i know a hundred ways you fall, float, shoot and seep through the air
oh, sun you know me so well
you know every strand of my hair
and still you leave me stunned to find
a little more than warmth
oh, wind that wanders the world
gathers the scents and sings
you are what bathes me
i know you how you know me
and i’ll never know you as well as i do now
and i’ll never know you as well as i did when a child
and i’ll never know you as well as i will when i die
oh, mossy tree that holds me
in this moment, your pulse is mine
oh, mossy tree that holds me
i love how old you are, how strong you are
how humble and silent you stand
with layers and layers of the stories of seasons
i am dying to know, but i’ll let it go
Track Name: The Last Meal
tonight i’ll prepare for the last meal
the last whispered grace
my fingers will fold on the belly’s field
and i’ll hear every hair hit the hay
tonight i’ll take down the written wall
each line on the page, a nest in the paint
the letters will fold as the fire will burn
and i’ll hear every word crawl and faint
let the ground fill my back, let my spirit lift
thank my body, my noble steed
let the spiraling road lead me back to my home
lead the night into day, lead my death into birth
what i carved in caves
what i buried with bones
what i swallowed down whole
every thread that i’ve sewn
what i gathered from grace
what i made from mistakes
what i’ve thrown to the wind
every day that i’ve lived
will holy yet only bleach the dog’s hide
and i trust it’ll run from the heart
run, run, run
Track Name: All The World In Bloom
all the world in bloom
i paint the well a pale, pale white
my hands are full of snow
if i let go, where would water fall
all the world in bloom
i can’t hold myself from you
quiet my heart
all the wood will soon burn up
lay the well with white
pound the cloud a brick of clay
pour the worry in
wash clean of the dry, dry spill
all the world in bloom
all the world the ghost of you
if i carried rain
do you think i could turn gold to green
Track Name: Healing
mother, i’m hurting
mother, i’m hurt
mother, i don’t know what to do
mother, i’m storing
all of the pain
into the center of myself
so when the carver
chips at my skin
it’ll take him the longest to find where it is
mother, i’m healing
mother, i’m healed
mother, i found it right where i left it
mother, i’ll write it
mother, i’ll sing
mother, i’ll burn it right to my skin
it’ll give my the faith, the faith, that it’s there to find
Track Name: A Midwest Winter
i wrote you a letter and already you have it
even though i didn’t send it
i’m glad it’s in your hands
there’s a snowbed full of bare, oak branches
tangled by the bare, oak trees
in the middle of the country, the winter here is black and white
but there’s a blend of gold from the barking dogs
racing far to find – what – well, we can only guess
the lakefront folds the oldest colors
far more longer than the sea
belonging to its own sky where the universe is bleached
on top the shoreline, feel the gray is reaching farther
and the blue below is what i see when the morning breaks my dream
if my love gets chased by bounding, brightening dogs
and its footprints lose their mark by the morning fog
well this patch on the trail is snug with blinding light
and it’s somehow lit from the gray above, from the gray above